THREE (2013)
SO WIRED (2011)


THREE (2013)

More than any music Joe Eglash has previously made, THREE puts forth a fully-exposed, soulful collection of songs that were inspired by the highs and lows of adult life in our unfocused world. Immense-sounding tracks, packed with sing-along choruses and virtuosically-played instruments are juxtaposed by stripped-down, mellow acoustic statements, all of which provide a highly-memorable, life-affirming listening experience.



Continuing the trend of his first two solo albums, 2009's BUILD A FIRE and 2011's SO WIRED, THREE was written, recorded, produced, and mixed by Joe Eglash, alone, in his studio. (He says it's not as lonely as it sounds). With equal proficiency on guitar, bass, drums, sax, keyboard, and other instruments, the waves of music in Joe's mind can be translated into succinct, breathtaking performances, by playing and recording everything with his own hands (and feet).

Opening the album is the Lord of the Rings-inspired Getting By (Frodo), followed by the catchy Sentence, both invigorating and fast-paced. Faith, the third, key track on the album, is the most personal and emotional musical statement Joe Eglash has ever made. These first three tracks will hook you for the remaining nine; and convince you to dig deep into this deep musical world.

THREE is a magic number.


I Wanted You To Know is not the automatic choice for a single from THREE. Getting By (Frodo), Sentence, or maybe Faith or The Great Designare more radio-friendly.

But my wife Kari, my most trusted critic (and also the subject of this song), heard something unique and intangible, as did some other close friends. I guess there are some universal messages in the song. Musically, it's different than anything I've ever done: there are no guitars or bass (!). Also, a necessary shout-out to my soul bro Matt (Evan) Wolkenstein, who sang unison with me on the bridge ("...Some of the time I give you all of my time...").