BUILD A FIRE represents a full circle in the musical life of Joe Eglash - after years working on either side of the music industry. Matured, hook-filled songwriting matched with a one-man-band mentality to produce a landmark, dynamic debut solo recording. The title track has become an anthem of fatherhood and family.



Recorded in 2008-9, BUILD A FIRE boasts live instruments all played by Joe. Recorded in vintage fashion with live takes and Queen-like overdubs, new ground is tread upon with a horizon of hooks, grooves, and harmonies. BUILD A FIRE lies somewhere between the Beatles, the Who, and the Stones, with a well-crafted sheen close to Jellyfish and XTC.


KOOL KAT MUSIC "Guitars ring as the chords arc upward; insistent, and arousing drumbeats backdrop Joe's gracefully-soaring vocals. We happen to like it because it's so rich in complex arrangements, is pastoral, emotional and can trigger the imagination. The wealth of his creativity is immediately obvious as the record quotes eloquently from 60's-style British pop, but adds elements of jazz, all produced and layered to perfection. To our ears, Joe plays slightly quirky and intelligent pop with shades of Squeeze and the Beatles. It is an album that feels like a single, organic whole, yet each song is a vital, essential piece. Start to finish, the songs one after another are a delight; continually surprising...this is one fine album that has to be listened to from start to finish and then back again. If you like quirky yet rich and eclectic sound, then this album will not let you down. EXCELLENT!!!"

NOT LAME RECORDS "Influences are subtle but point in the direction of where Eglash`s heart and soul lie: XTC, They Might Be Giants, and Jellyfish on a more acoustic bent. His sweet, unaffected folksy acoustic pop combines with crisp and woozily light-hearted but powerful hooks. This is some seriously tasty stuff that manages to break out flairs of originality and extreme competence in the musicianship department ---- and, then, to sew them together making this a fresh and always mightily enjoyable listen."


Title track and single from 2009's BUILD A FIRE. Thrilled to share my first music video for the single and title track from BUILD A FIRE. I wrote the song as a message for my daughter (you can see a picture flash quickly at the end of me holding her after her birth in '06) - life lessons from Daddy to Ari.

I had the idea to satirize the convention of American parenting, so I dug up some PSAs from the 50's and 60's, spliced 'em up, and tried to tell a story with them. There's some hilarious stuff if you watch closely - it's so stunning what people thought (think?) they should teach their kids.