Transitions has the feel of a double vinyl album: Depth, variation – timelessness. Joe Eglash's fourth and longest solo album, it is the work of a lifetime in music; every word and every note, all of which Joe plays himself, has 10,000 hours behind it.



The liner notes say, "TRANSITIONS is living proof that art is the best therapy."

In this, Joe Eglash's fourth solo album, there is a common thematic thread running through all 16 songs: The transitions we all experience in our lives. The highs, the lows; the refreshing, the forced; the necessary ones.

He continues, "Suffice it to say that for humans, transitions are damn tough. Yet it's the transitions that are the hardest but deepest part of life."

In the lush musical atmosphere of this album, Joe continues his prowess as a one-man-band, playing all instruments and singing and writing everything. The influences, as always, run the gamut: From the opening track, the precise and catchy "We All Stay the Same" (reflecting Jeff Lynne/Traveling Wilburys-style production), to the closer, a Rush-meets-XTC-meets-Kinks rocker called "All Our Time Is Nearly Gone", Eglash's groove boasts loose precision and his songwriting is unforgettable.

Brave, deeply emotional musical and lyrical statements appear alongside love letters to friends, family, and to mysterious figures we all can recognize in our own lives. TRANSITIONS is Joe Eglash's longest album, but is crafted like a well-written novel, holding your attention closely from beginning to end.

Adding to a catalog of strong and impactful music, these evocative tunes, when dug into, offer the listener a chance to succumb to an album that may change you, and create a new transition in your life.